Over the last 50 years, big business and big advertising media companies are join together for mutual benefit because both are locked into staggering, monsterous high business operating costs, so the advertising media sells at high prices, to the high ad budget big businesses.

That mutual benefit tandem effectively shuts out local independent business owners, who out number the big businesses locally by a factor of at least 1000 to one so that these local business owners can not advertise effectively and surely not efficiently.

The worst of that negative is that the local independent business owner, who can not advertise effectivly and efficiently so they can not complete agains the big businesses, they also can not compete effectively with the other local independent business owners in their category of business.

The result of both of those negative business climates in every city in America is that customers are impacted in a negative manner.  Less distribution of competition means less consumer economy.

Local Customerzation solves the problem and creates Omaha Mega Businesses in your city.  

‚ÄčStudy The Donald Plan.    Thank You.