Christians ... any human life thiking person God The Father, created at biological human life birth, most of them -religious types - have been double talked, by Human Created christian Religion Denomination Leaders. that their specific   " christian religion denomination faith"   is the right one . 

Every " chrisitan religion" denomination has been created by " human life thinking people" which means none of them are " Divine" but merely " human " .

That, means every Believer in Jesus Christ who thinks that the faith teaching of  their specific  " christian religion they try to follow in thier daily life "  makes them in step with the plan of God The Father for their Human Spirit Life is in fact UNACEPTABLE .

That means, in fact that, instead they have used their Human Life Person,  free will thinking asset, after they believed in Jesus Christ alone, by means of their faith thinking asset alone, God The Father gives at biological human life birth, to every one,  HE  CREATES  -  at biological human life birth, to become an enemy of Jesus Christ in "time" until their human biological body life terminates.  

‚ÄčThen, the Real You ... what your human life thinking has chosen to think during your time after you believed but before your biological human life body terminates, is then taken to "outside the gate"

of God The Trinity Persons Environment - human christian religion refers to as " heaven",  untill the next event in " time " The Plan of God The Father takes place - Ex Annistasis - human created christian religion denomination refers to that event in The Plan of God as      " the rapture"  

Ex Annistais = all Eternal Life Believers, who have lived in      " time", and those whose human biological body is till functioning at that point in time, are transported by Divine Power to the atmosphere above the Earth to " be evaluated for Human Thinking Content, by The Unique God / Man of The Divine Royal Family of God - The Lord Jesus Christ.


That " evaluation " event  has been included in the Divine Plan of God for " time" for the purpose of eliminating - removing - all human life thinking content from every Eternal Life Believer in Jesus Christ Spiritual Thinking Person in History, to the point of Ex Annistasis, because  no human life thinking content of any Divine Environment Eternal Human Life / Spirit Life Person,  can be admited into the Divine Trinity God Person's Eternal Environment; only Divine Eternal Life Thinking can exist there.